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Working with you to Select, Implement and Configure the right Technology products for your business

Are you frustrated with the performance of your recruitment CRM software and feel that it’s not working well enough for your business and that you can be getting more from this investment? Or you maybe considering moving to a new CRM and are daunted or unsure about how to best manage this project to be a success.

Either way, Syun Consulting can help you in these situations. We specialise in configuring recruitment CRM systems and take these “off the shelf” products to truly be in-tune with how your business operates in today’s market. We can even get involved at the initial stages and help you understand which products will be best suited to your business.

Our flexible and tailored approach means that we can work with you at any of the stages involved with selecting, implementing and configuring a CRM.


We have successfully worked with a number of recruitment firms to achieve significant results within their Sales teams as well as across other functions such as Compliance, Finance and Marketing by identifying and implementing numerous improvements to workflows, data quality and reporting outputs. From streamlining processes through to establishing vertical market channels, we have the knowledge and experience of how these can be managed through effective use of technology. With over a decade of experience within recruitment, we also offer advice on best practice techniques which all comes as part of our service!


Our objective is to work with you to deliver enhanced productivity and results through improved utilisation of your existing recruitment CRM. We have delivered outstanding results with many of the leading recruitment CRM products on the market today and are confident that we can achieve similar results for your recruitment business.

Areas of Expertise

  • Selection, Implementation and Configuration of CRM Solutions
  • "Tech Stack" Solution Design
  • Streamline and Automate Processes 
  • Advanced Data Analysis and Business Intelligence


CRM Specialists - We live and breathe CRM solutions and how best to get them working for you
Completely Independent - We advise you on the most suitable product for your business without any bias
Proven Track Record - Changing CRM is a commonly feared move - with our experience, we take that pain away!

Over 10 years of Recruitment Agency Director-level experience


We understand the challenges recruiters face and can advise on solutions to overcome them.

Over 7 years of Digital Marketing experience within the Recruitment sector

Attract customers who are relevant to your business

We can help you attract more relevant visitors to your website and get your recruitment brand in front of potential candidates and clients

Successful track record of delivering recruitment technology projects on time and within budget


Recruitment CRM / ATS
Recruitment Websites
HR Systems

Kamal Ladwa - Managing Director

Kamal has an in-depth knowledge of Recruitment CRM solutions and has implemented many of the leading platforms for his clients. Syun Consulting was founded by Kamal in 2016 - with a raison d'être of solving many of the challenges that recruitment businesses face from a technology perspective. Typically these range from seeking out and implementing a new CRM system to optimising their "recruitment tech stack" with a suite of appropriate tools.

Kamal was previously the Co-Founder / Managing Director at Oak Tree Recruitment. In his time at Oak Tree, Kamal developed the operation into becoming one of the UK’s leading specialist multilingual recruitment agencies. He successfully oversaw the acquisition of Oak Tree Recruitment in 2013 before exiting the business in early 2016.

It was during this time Kamal identified that many recruitment businesses simply don't have the necessary skills in-house to lead technology implementation projects whilst also ensuring that maximum benefits are derived from any such solutions.

Syun Consulting was therefore created to fill this skills gap and to deliver solutions for recruitment firms which drive growth and facilitate efficiency through technology.

More recently, we've expanded our service offering to SME businesses outside of recruitment as we help them address many of the challenges they face through a CRM solution and process automation.