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Infraview are a specialist Cloud & IT Infrastructure Technology recruitment business.

They approached us with an all-too-common issue: they had been on Vincere for some time but felt they were only using a fraction of it. They wanted to maximise the utility of the CRM with an aim to improve efficiency and effectiveness. A process to optimise their Vincere CRM was to begin!

The first step was for Sunita to conduct an audit of their Vincere to identify key areas to focus on. This resulted in a clear plan of attack for how to make the most cost-effective improvements to the client’s CRM which is reflected in the scope of work.

Although we also noted that the client could further utilise Vincere’s Deals feature to track Sales Funnels as well as make steps to clean their data and improve their tagging structure, it was decided to focus instead on improving the basics of Vincere and getting their staff to use these features in an effective way before moving onto more complex methods.

When tackling Vincere configuration projects, Sunita works closely with the client to ensure that the system is set up in a way that works for their business requirements. This understanding was gathered in a project kick-off call where Sunita liaised with key stakeholders to also explain the project plan, what would be required from the client, and answer any questions about the project. It’s at this point that Sunita made requests for any templates, scripts and documents that the client required to be set up on their system.

Most of this information is usually already in use by clients but is kept outside of the CRM in emails or folders. Part of the benefit of Vincere is keeping all of this information inside one place that brings the management of work processes under one roof, greatly increasing your control of it. Where templates did not exist, Sunita provided content ideas for key workflows.

While Sunita waited for the client to provide the requested templates and documents, she began work on the custom configuration of Vincere fields as well as admin and user management settings. For fields, she created custom free text, dropdowns and statuses that allowed the client more flexibility of the data that they kept within their system as well as tidied the entity summary pages – removing redundant fields that were not being used. She also edited the management settings to give the client control of what users could do within the system.

Once, the configuration work was complete, Sunita began setting up the email templates and Text Blaze scripts. Both of these are intended to increase the efficiency of consultants as they move through their workflows allowing them the time and energy to focus on the more difficult/important tasks rather than repetitive time-sinks. This goes alongside the Document Builder where Sunita added and formatted the TOBs and Candidate Contract documents that are then included along with the emails and scripts. Additionally, she created a CV Cover Sheet for when the client sends CV’s.

All of this creates consistency for the client’s business as all Consultants work from the same workflow, process and templates. Lastly, Sunita helped the client integrate their Vincere with Sign Request which allows online document signing for features such as Candidate Offer and Terms of Business.

Throughout the process, Sunita worked closely with the client to verify and amend all work completed.

At the end of the project, Sunita created Loom videos to demonstrate the configuration, templates and new workflows that she had put into place. Further to this, she had a wrap-up call with the client to review the project and answer any outstanding questions and then summarized all changes in a post-project email. All in all, a positive outcome which is best summed up with some kind words from our client……

“Great working with Sunita, very communicative and prompt with her feedback and updates. Slick process and we got the outcomes we were looking for. Thanks for your help! – Highly Recommended!” Tim Davey – Co-Founder at Infraview

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