CRM Consultancy

We are committed to providing you and your business with the best independent CRM advice on the market

Our expertise with CRM implementations is renowned, and we want to engage with you to ensure you receive the best ROI possible on the CRM software.

We’ve made it our mission to help your company get the most benefit from its CRM system. We want to drive your administrative tasks to become more efficient, your sales processes to scale more effectively over time, and develop a centralised database that can be maintained company wide.

Thanks to our experience and expertise, you can rely on our skilled and knowledgeable team to help you achieve these goals. We can help your business enjoy enhanced profitability and efficiency throughout its operations. We believe that CRM systems will always be most successful if they form a key component of your company culture, with full adoption by all users and departments across the organisation. This is why we’re dedicated to offering you expert guidance through our CRM consultancy service, so your CRM system reaches its true potential.

How Will Our Consulting Service Help Your Company?

Our highly skilled CRM consultants can help your organisation in several ways:

  • Rescue your CRM system – if you’re already using a CRM system, it may benefit from rescuing or reinvigorating. Thanks to our extensive experience in training, customisation, development, and configuration you can count on us to invigorate any projects which have gone off-track.
  • Preparing for new CRM systems – our highly-experienced technical team can assist in installing, configuring, customising, and providing on-going support and training to prepare for your new CRM system.
  • Develop a CRM strategy – we understand that CRM isn’t just about software. We know that it’s also about customers, people, business processes, users, and culture. Our consultancy team can help you to build a strategic, yet flexible plan, so you’re able to successfully implement CRM across your organisation.
  • Offer management advice – our consultancy team are able to help your managers understand the value and benefits of investing in CRM so that your requirements can be prioritised and your business can focus on their main tasks.

We can help you to support centralised databases business wide and aid in the management of all interactions and communications with prospects. Our recommended CRM systems automate your data entry processes and remind you to follow-up with your prospects while organizing contact data, creating sales reports, and segmenting customers. We can also automate forecasting to boost your sales performance so that your sales processes can scale over time. By making your administrative tasks more efficient, and ensuring that effective communication is facilitated throughout your teams, we can help you to improve the function and profitability of your company, while also enabling you to retain the same software, even while your business grows and thrives.

Which Consultancy Services Can We Offer?

We can offer you a comprehensive array of CRM consultancy services to ensure your business adopts the best CRM strategy for you. Our services include:

  • Helping in the identification of your company’s CRM requirements
  • Carrying out CRM audits and project rescues
  • Offering key advice about your best CRM strategy
  • Helping you to plan for a brand-new CRM system
  • Carrying out analysis of your business processes
  • Automating your marketing and sales processes
  • Advising on comprehensive CRM adoption strategies
  • Technical consultancy, configuration, implementation, and support on an ongoing basis
  • Delivery of training

Helping You With CRM Across Your Business

Syun Consulting has extensive CRM experience in many industry sectors, and we’re proud of the innovative, business-aligned approach that we take. We want to help you achieve the best return on your CRM software investment. Whether you’re running a large organisation, an SME, or start-up, we’re able to help you. Get in touch today to learn more about our CRM consultancy services.