Improve the quality of your recruitment CRM data

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Improve the quality of your recruitment CRM data Syun Consulting

We all know that New Years Resolutions are notoriously tough to stick to, but if there is one resolution that recruitment business owners should aim to put in place in 2022, it’s this.

Ensure that your recruitment CRM is capturing both the quality and level of data that you need to drive your business forward.

Here are some quick tips on helping to improve the quality of your recruitment CRM data.

1. Identify the key data fields that are required across Front, Middle and Back Office.

Start with those fields that are used within management reporting, for merging into contracts and other documents produced from data within the CRM and potential automation triggers.

2. Review the workflows within your CRM

Bottlenecks in a process are inevitably going to cause a lack of user engagement with your CRM and therefore the quality of data flowing through it will not be as great as it could be.

Therefore review how your workflows actually “flow”. Don’t presume that a process from several years ago will still be the most suitable now. Times have changed and your workflows are likely to have been affected by both internal and external factors.

A recruitment CRM worth its salt will allow you a degree of flexibility to tailor your workflows.

So check how valid these workflows are as even a slight improvement will go a long way to getting those engagement levels back to where they should be.

3. Revisit your Rec Tech Stack

It’s easy to drop in a swanky new tool and then expect it to revolutionise the way you work. However, it’s also even easier to find yourself in a situation where you are either paying for bits of tech that you either don’t need or aren’t using effectively.

A process mapping / audit exercise is hugely valuable here and can help you spot bottlenecks, process gaps or optimisation opportunities. Once actioned, you’ll get a greater insight into what you have and what tech you need to drive forward.

Or why not take things to the next level with our Rec Tech Consultancy service – which is geared to push your business forward by becoming more efficient and productive.

Try the above and see for yourself how the quality and levels of data in your CRM improve. Remember, if it’s not on the CRM, it didn’t happen!