Rec Tech Consultancy

What Is Rec Tech Consultancy, And How Can It Help Me?

Are you struggling with inefficiencies in your recruitment organisation?

Are you tired of trying to work out where mistakes are being made in your core processes?

Are you experiencing a specific issue and need some independent constructive advice to resolve it?

Do you think your tech stack could be the heart of the problem but don’t know where to start with reviewing it?

These are all common issues in the recruitment sector, but fortunately, our Rec Tech Consultancy is on hand to help. Bringing a fresh pair of eyes to your business, we can help to iron out the problems in your recruitment company and help you get back on track. So, let’s take a closer look at what we do and how we can work with you to resolve the issues that your business is experiencing.

How Can We Help?

Here at Syun Consulting, we offer our independent Rec Tech Consultancy service tailored to meet the needs of recruitment agencies to help pinpoint where inefficiencies lie within your processes and operations. However, we don’t stop there.

We also help you to find optimal solutions to meet your needs and resolve the issues that you’re experiencing thanks to our well-designed and efficiency-boosting Rec Tech tools and software for recruitment agencies. 

Which Areas Can We Help With?

Here at Syun Consulting, we take pride in being able to help with many different aspects of your recruitment business. 

The recruitment sector is becoming increasingly competitive, so finding ways to stay ahead of the crowd and to overtake your rivals in the industry couldn’t be more important these days. That’s where we can assist.

With our consultancy service, we can help your organisation to save money, maximise efficiency and productivity, and improve functionality to improve your outcomes across the board. From attracting new candidates to improving your CRM usage, our solutions can make an enormous difference to your brand’s profitability.

Automation, Functionality, And Productivity

The clients who we have worked with have experienced some truly impressive results following our independent input. They have managed to make significant savings by opting for our effective solutions and have achieved significant success through the new methods of attracting candidates that we have helped them to discover.

We have also helped recruitment organisations nationwide to boost their productivity by providing them with the Rec Tech tools they need to cut down the length of time their consultant spend dealing with manual tasks.

We have worked with businesses to help them identify tangible opportunities for automation across the Permanent and Contract desks so that staff time can be better spent on more profitable and relevant tasks.

Furthermore, we aid companies to improve their usage of their CRM and extract maximum functionality from it.  We work with clients on a variety of CRM software solutions such as Vincere, Bullhorn, Mercury, Loxo and Firefish to name but a few. 

How Do We Deliver Our Consultancy Service?

We understand that modern recruitment agencies are exceptionally busy, and that’s why we offer a flexible consultancy approach. We know that while some companies would prefer to make an onsite appointment to run through everything that needs to be explored, others would rather opt for a virtual meeting online.

Here at Syun Consulting, we’re happy to accommodate either requirement. We are happy to come to your site to work closely with you to pinpoint your issues and help you work through them.

Alternatively, we’re equally comfortable consulting with you via a Zoom session at a time of your choice. However you want to work with us, we’re eager to help your recruitment business be smarter, more efficient, and more productive through Rec Tech.