Recruitment CRM Customisation and Configuration

CRM Customisation


Our bespoke and highly personalised service not only covers our CRM Implementations, but also extends to the fact that we also help our clients customise and configure their CRM systems. We have in-depth knowledge of many of the leading recruitment CRM systems on the market, but are specialists with Vincere

CRM Customisation offers many benefits including:

  • Utilising as many features as possible from your CRM
  • Optimising the recruitment system around your business
  • Cleaner and more relevant layouts enhance the user experience and so in turn increase user adoption
  • Workflows are designed to be purposeful and directly contribute to required reporting outputs

Tagging and Skilling Up

Tagging or "skilling up" features are hugely powerful aspects within any CRM, but do require that they are structured and setup to be pretty much future proof.  We find that our clients really need expert guidance in particular within this area and focus a lot of our energies within our Projects to build these out to be as effective as possible from the moment they start to use their CRM. 

We also advise clients on an ad-hoc basis to help them utilise their tagging features to become far more potent. Thus turbo-charging searches to rapidly and accurately identify suitable records within your recruitment database.