Are you looking to make your recruitment processes more efficient and effective with a CRM?


Need a system in place to help you keep track of everything, and boost the productivity of your business? Syun Consulting specialises in CRM for recruitment, and we’d love to help you get organised!

Whatever type of CRM you’re looking for, we have vast experience in this sector and can assist recruitment agencies large and small to get on top of the multiple processes and contact relationships, so that you can deliver the best service possible.

A Comprehensive CRM Audit

It all begins with an audit. One of the main services we offer to get the ball rolling and see exactly where we can assist you to achieve your full potential in recruitment is with a full CRM audit. We look at the bigger picture.

We understand that your business has many moving parts, so we take a high level view of your services and processes, offering impartial advice to highlight areas that can be more effectively streamlined with a CRM dedicated to recruitment.

We take into consideration several areas of your business and undertake a comprehensive audit that will give us a clearer understanding of how we can best help you. We also look at areas such as Operations, Technology and Marketing, and identify areas that can be enhanced to deliver the most benefit.

  1. Strategy

First, we will examine your market as a whole, whether you have a wide scope of recruitment, or whether you are focusing solely on a niche sector to provide your clients with specialist candidates for specialist jobs.

We will conduct extensive competitor research and see where we can give you the advantage over them by implementing certain strategies which will help you to excel. During this process we may also be able to identify new areas of opportunity for you that you might not have previously considered.

  1. Process

We understand that every business is unique, different, and special, so we take the same approach when considering your existing internal processes when it comes to the data you handle. Your main goal is to connect the right candidate with the right client/employer, and there are various ways in which you undertake this.

We aim to determine the best way you can make the most effective use of your data to achieve your aims. We’ll examine all of your current workflows and process across your business, and provide you with solutions to maximise your potential and efficacy.

  1. Technology (aka the Rec Tech Stack)

Now more than ever, technology is playing a greater role in the recruitment sector, as more people are applying for the same jobs and competition is tough. A variety of recruitment software packages are available to assist businesses like yours streamline the process and choose the right candidate for the job by analysing a myriad of factors.

Having a "Rec Tech Stack" that is not only fit for purpose, but also super efficient and greatly enhances productivity is simply a non-negotiable in today's market. 

As you integrate software into your recruitment process successfully, you’ll quickly see the benefits and reap the rewards with employers who can clearly see you are capable of finding the missing piece of the puzzle for their company needs.

What’s more, many CRM packages for recruitment now also benefit from applicant tracking systems, so you’ll save time and money by having the simple processes taken care of for you with minimal effort.

The results of our full recruitment audit are presented to you in an easy-to-understand report format with a list of actionable outcomes to help you succeed and thrive in the recruitment sector. We can work closely with you on any outcomes you wish to implement to make your business more effective, more reliable, and an altogether easier experience.