Recruitment Process Automation

The wonderful world of Automation awaits...

Tired of your company employees wasting precious hours performing tasks that could be done in the blink of an eye by automation software? Wondering how much your company loses daily by simply having someone click buttons over and over again that could be taken care of in one fell swoop?

The future of many businesses, including recruitment CRMs, is undoubtedly automation. Automation is the act of taking small tasks which are usually handled manually by staff in your business and allowing software to take over that role more effectively.

We believe passionately in human potential, there is no match for the human brain when it comes to making real-life decisions regarding who is right for which role, or who exactly an employer is looking to hire.

However, there are thousands of processes which take place that do not require human input and can simply be automated by RPA (robotic process automation) – freeing up their time to do what they do best for your business. Interacting with candidates, building the employer brand, being all round more effective in the role they’re paid for.

So what benefits can automation bring?

  • You can schedule social media posts to automatically post to a certain platform at a certain date and time without fail.
  • Job posts can be distributed to various job boards with all the details you’ve previously created automatically visible to potential candidates.
  • Templates of specific roles can be created quickly and then tailored in the blink of an eye so that everything stays neat and in one place.
  • See all clicks on your ads you’ve placed, and see the metrics quickly to help you make the right decisions instead of going through it tediously yourself.
  • Be able to view all of your candidate applications that can be automated to appear sorted by a specific field, so you can easily identify top choices.

What’s more, you can integrate all of these wonderful automation features into your existing Applicant Tracking System to make the whole process easier from start to finish.

It may not seem like a big deal that software takes care of these tiny, monotonous jobs time after time, however if you added up all the time lost by employees and HR staff who perform these actions, you would be shocked to learn that each week hours of time can be spent better elsewhere.

Not only will your employees thank you, but as a result of integrating various automation processes into your CRM, your company is going to have more space, time, energy, and money to expand into the areas most important to your bottom line.

Recruitment automation will help you to attract prospective candidates more easily, engage them better, have the time to nurture them more carefully and ultimately give them the dream job they’ve been searching for.

Whatever stage you are at when it comes to using your CRM, rest assured that Syun Consulting can assist you at every step of the process. Get in touch to find out how we can help you achieve your desired CRM.