Running your CRM on Autopilot? Think again.

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Running your CRM on Autopilot? Think again. Syun Consulting

Tesla may be able to run on Autopilot, but allowing your recruitment CRM to do the same is never a good idea.

Here are three reasons why:

  • 1. Integrity of your data will fall away from the high standards you set out with on day one.
  • 2. Standard workflows will start to develop their own “twists” – which normally means circumnavigating the CRM!
  • 3. New features will either be missed completely or not made maximum use of.

Instead stick to the below as an absolute minimum:

  • 1. Delegate responsibility for the CRM to a dedicated person to ensure that all of the above are taken care of.
  • 2. Regularly review your processes for alignment with the CRM and your tech stack and vice-versa.
  • 3. Take frequent feedback and act upon it to maintain high levels of engagement across your user base.

But if you need a fresh, impartial and objective pair of eyes to help then drop us a line...

A well thought out CRM strategy does not stop once you’ve implemented it!

This is where it should take off. Don’t fall into the trap of putting a new CRM in place and then expecting it to simply look after itself.

Look after your CRM and your CRM will look after you….(yep, this is my motto for 2021!)