Our Services

Syun Consulting provides a number of sought-after services in the world of recruiting, all delivered with years of knowledge behind us and to the highest of standards.


CRM Implementation

With more than a decade of experience under our belts, Syun Consulting is the top choice for recruitment agencies when it comes to a high-quality CRM implementation strategy, bespoke for you.

Whichever CRM you are interested in using, you can trust us to successfully implement the strategy gleaned from our audit to the highest of standards.

We have taken on projects large and small, so whether you have a small recruitment business or a large national company, you can rest assured that any strategy we implement is going to be beneficial for not only your employees, but for the clients and candidates who have chosen your services.

We have experience using and implementing a number of the most popular CRMs available, and we will always suggest the most effective CRM for your recruiting requirements.

CRM Audits

This is where many of our projects begin for our numerous clients. We go the extra mile to gather a wealth of data related to your recruitment business, and create a plan specific to you where all of this salient information can be gathered together.

We understand that the best approach is a tailor-made one as each recruitment agency is so unique, so you can have confidence that we will look into every aspect of your business. How you operate, current technologies you use and how you manage your business is all taken into consideration to create you the most effective recruitment CRM that meets your unique needs.

Data Optimisation

High quality data that you can put your faith in is the foundation that you need in your recruitment business. 

Syun Consulting have successfully worked with many recruitment organisations to optimise the data in their CRM so they can search with greater effect, segment accurately for marketing campaigns and report on with increased consistency. 

Better data in your CRM will help alleviate one of the biggest challenges we see recruitment business cae when it comes to tech - getting your team to adopt and use as well as possible. 

Process Automation

There’s nothing better than having your simple tasks and activities automated. We specialise in process automation, so all of those tedious time-sucking tasks can be simplified and streamlined – saving you hours each week.

You will be surprised at what we can show you is possible with your new CRM once we implement robotic process automation, and before you know if you’ll wonder how you ever did business without it.

Everything from posting jobs to your social media accounts to having candidates organised however you want to view them automatically. Process automation has the potential to open your recruitment business up to a whole new world of possibilities.