Vincere CRM Customisation and Process Optimisation Syun Consulting

The Brief

Our client, Thryve Talent, is a valued customer who has been using the Vincere CRM system for the last twelve months.

Together we initially saw high levels of usage from their team. As we all know, old habits are sometimes hard to break, with our client gradually seeing creep back into old ways with the team carrying out tasks outside the CRM. This creep had resulted in a duplication of effort and reduced the standardised process the CRM promotes.

By working outside of the CRM, the client began to see a drop in the levels and standards of reporting and less effective collaboration.

This experience is not unusual with any new system, but if identified quickly, as we did with our client, we can ensure the team can get back on track before these behaviours become embedded.

About Us

We are Syun Consulting. We are experienced specialists in delivering and optimising CRM solutions to the recruitment sector. We offer a personalised approach to each one of our varied clients, knowing full well that every recruitment business has diverse needs which will require different and innovative solutions to help them achieve their goals.

We specialise in taking off-the-shelf CRM products and customising and configuring them to suit each client’s exact needs, just as we did with Thryve and their Vincere CRM.  This flexible and tailor-made approach means that we are capable of collaborating with businesses from the first embryos of a project, through to implementation and on-going optimisation as the business changes and grows.

The Approach

To solve our client’s concerns, we worked with them to identify areas where the processes could be improved and made more efficient by working with readily available technology.

To ensure we identified and prioritised the concerns, we undertook a process flow exercise from start to finish across teams working across both Contract and Permanent desks. This allowed both our team, and Thryve’s recruitment teams to clearly see where and how they could be utilising the Vincere CRM to the best effect for their own clients, applicants, and colleagues.

We obtained template content from our client to help develop the workflow more efficiently and create standardisation across their business to support this exercise.

This content was incorporated into the CRM workflow, alongside integrated third-party tools, which allowed them to plan for other scenarios and introduce multiple automation opportunities.

The Results

  • Utilised technology to create a standardised process from qualifying a candidate or clients, prepping and closing placements.
  • Enhanced CRM utilisation and saved time by creating standardised messaging across the business throughout the typical touchpoints within the workflow
  • Improved quality of reporting outputs to allow for a direct correlation to be made between activity and performance.


John Lennon, MD of Thryve Talent

“Working with Syun Consulting has been a pleasure.  We had instigated the use of the Vincere CRM and our team were working with it. However, as with all things we found we needed to revisit the system with our team and make sure we were all using it to its fullest extent.

We were extremely pleased with the thorough approach the Syun Consulting team have taken throughout this programme of revisiting and reinforcing the use of the CRM and by further optimisation to suit our needs.  They took care identifying the issues we were facing and solved them by presenting clear exercises and examples to us.  They introduced enhancements and most importantly, a standardised process which has made the team work far more effectively and efficiently. We’re already seeing great returns, which is everything we could have expected and more.

This isn’t the first time we have partnered with Syun Consulting and certainly won’t be the last. We really get a lot of value from partnering with the entire team and we are looking forward to our next project together.”