Choosing The Best CRM For Recruiters

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If you’ve been looking for the best CRM for recruiters, take a look at our article to help you discover what you need in your ideal recruitment agency software.

In this modern age, the relationship between individuals seeking employment and companies looking for the perfect candidate has undergone a technological revolution. It is now more common than ever for recruiters to make use of recruitment agency software to keep track of the numerous candidates and employers so that they can provide the best service possible. Using a CRM system (candidate relationship management) recruiters can effectively pair candidates with the right jobs for them and oversee the whole recruitment process from start to finish.

Effective recruiting systems not only allow recruiters to attract the right talent for potential employers, but also to manage every aspect of the recruitment process – from expressions of interest to first interviews and any trials. With the sheer volume of applicants to job posts these days, simple pen and paper, or even spreadsheets quickly become unmanageable, so recruiters have turned to these systems in order to provide an overall enhanced service to the candidates, as if they were customers.

How Can A CRM For Recruiters Help?

It helps companies to not only source and attract new candidates, but also to engage with them better and manage the various stages of hiring. It also allows a database to be created with thousands of jobseekers, making an interactive network of top talent.

With workflows pre-programed, you can send out automated emails, job offers, control the schedule of interviews and even conduct background checks on potential employees. You can measure your performance with comprehensive analytical information and reports, enabling you to make the best choices.

All of these automated and technological solutions for recruiting systems help to avoid a myriad of problems. No longer will candidates have a negative experience, being neglected in favour of more qualified individuals or feel left out of jobs they know they’d be great at. Communication is greatly improved between team members, candidates and employers, so no more excuses for missed interviews or job offers left waiting for days.

The ways of manually hiring people such as using disorganised systems such as notebooks or outdated spreadsheets become a thing of the past, and give everyone more control over the processes with an easy to access system.

What Should You Look For In Your Ideal Recruitment Agency Software?

With so many different types of recruiter software on the market, it can be difficult to settle on which one is best for your needs. Take a look at some of the most desirable features a CRM should possess to help you decide.

  • It should be highly customisable to your own requirements
  • A mobile-friendly solution will help with accessibility issues
  • New jobs should be able to be automatically routed to online job sites
  • A system that connects job posts to social media is a popular choice
  • Multiple templates to choose from which can be merged with employee contact data
  • An easy to use dashboard and interface which is simple to learn
  • Analytical tools so you are able to generate accurate reports on performance
  • An integrated feature that completes pre-employment and background checks
  • Check whether the provider knows your unique workflow, not generic software
  • Look for a level of intelligence or AI within the system that can predict what you need
  • See whether additional functionality can be built in with added API access
  • Find out how secure the CRM is and whether it can be compromised

A Recruitment System Designed For Your Individual Needs

Here at Syun Consulting, we understand that the automation of the recruitment system is a lifesaver for hundreds of recruitment agencies around the globe. We specialise in designing, customising and implementing CRM systems for recruiters so that they can offer the most effective and valuable service to both their candidates and the employers. Get in touch today if you would like to learn more about how to kickstart your new CRM system.