The hidden skills shortage in Recruitment which is hindering growth Syun Consulting

The hidden skills shortage in Recruitment which is hindering growth

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In an industry where essentially identifying skills and experience to a specific role are paramount, it always intrigues me when recruiters themselves unknowingly overlook a valuable set of recruitment skills required within their own business to become more resilient and push forward.

As a former owner of a recruitment agency, I have over the course of ten years, spoken to many agency owners / Directors and have been impressed with their drive, ambition and achievements. A common theme that does crop up is that with the time and energy they are spending managing their teams, filling vacancies, servicing their clients, handling suppliers, etc (the list goes on!) – taking a step back to evaluate where the business is and how best to move it forward is a task that is always on the agenda, but never quite gets started or indeed completed.

Businesses, not only recruitment agencies, are affected by change. Whether those factors are economic, social or technological – they can each have a significant impact and having the right people, processes and systems in place becomes even more critical. Identifying these changes is one thing, addressing and implementing them is an altogether different matter.

Revenue needs to be increased, targets need to be hit, your client’s requirements need to be filled – all typical goals amongst Recruitment Directors. But taking a step back to dig deeper into these goals requires sufficient attention in order to increase the chances of success, growth and ultimately, profitability.

Having personnel who are experienced and qualified in place to manage this aspect is surprisingly rare amongst many recruitment businesses. I recall being on a course and a receptionist was fast tracked into a Project Manager simply because no-one else in the business felt comfortable taking on the role! The square pegs in round holes quote has never rung so true!

By focussing on specific areas of your business in a modular fashion, Syun Consulting are able to help you strengthen in areas where you wouldn’t otherwise find time to concentrate or when you don’t have the necessary skills within your team to achieve your aims. Our expertise lies in our combination of recruitment, operational and technical knowledge aligned with our commercial experience. We deliver results which you will be able to see for yourself and measure for their return.

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